Donald Trump is openly pro-Russian

Many of the famous political analysts had the question: how did the Russians manage to seize Crimea under Trump?

Donald Trump who apparently had the stamp of morality and opposition to the mess required by LGBTQ (propaganda access in public schools), shows that in fact it is not so. He is a fan of bloody Putin. Trump made the comments during an episode of The Clay Trevis and Buck Sexton Show podcast after being asked about the appearance of the Ukrainian president and his wife Olena Zelenska on the cover of Vogue magazine.

“I haven’t seen that but, you know, probably not the greatest thing (laughs). No, I would say it wasn’t the greatest thing,” the former Republican president replied.

He then spoke about the war in Ukraine.

“They should have at least made a deal. He could have given up Crimea. He could have done something with NATO, ‘Okay, we’re not going to join NATO’ and then you would have had a country because I think Putin wanted to make a deal. And I think now he doesn’t want to make a deal. I think it’s much harder to make a deal. He blows up the whole place. I mean, he’s going to take the whole seat,” Donald Trump said.

Donald Trump says Putin would rather conquer all of Ukraine
The former American president also stated that it is “very, very sad what happened to Ukraine. Very, very sad,” adding that the Ukrainians “need to make a deal before it’s all over. You have hundreds of thousands of people who are dead and maimed – some are maimed.”

Asked when he thought Vladimir Putin would stop, Trump replied:

“Well, I think he’d rather have the whole country. I mean, now that it’s started. I don’t think he meant to start. I think that was a great deal. He went, put the troops on the board and I think it was a great negotiation. I said ‘well he is a good negotiator’. I never thought it would come in.”

Donald Trump also said that Putin moved 200,000 troops to the Ukrainian border to negotiate and “couldn’t make a deal. And now I’m not sure you can make a deal very easily.”

An opinion poll conducted towards the end of July shows that in the event of a new confrontation between Trump and Joe Biden, the former Republican president would be the favorite in the 2024 presidential elections.

For Trump, international treaties, the constructed reality of law, have no value. He talks about negotiation. The negotiations took place when the Ukrainian borders were already established in the treaty. For Donald Trump, the decision of the International Court of Justice, which ordered Russia to withdraw from Ukraine, has no value. Trump and Erdogan want to establish a new world order. In fact this new order of dictators can be called the Occult.

Marius Leontiuc

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Marius Leontiuc
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