Lack Of Strategy In Ukraine’s Defense Against Putin’s Killer, NATO Cynically Regards Genocide

Writing newspapers report that the Russians bombed a radar plant near Odessa with the help of warships at sea. Zelenski continues to complain that the West does not care, while Ukraine receives unprecedented support in history, including drones. For a week now, ships full of criminals, with the most ordinary form of individuals, the meanest people: Putin’s soldiers, ships full of these moral rejections have been standing near Odessa and no drone has bombed them, a rocket at least to see that he enters a Russian frigate. Nothing. I wonder logically, the weapons sent to the Ukrainians become nothing more than another target, they are not able to defend anything.

Now I sit and evaluate again, as a journalist. The goods with tanks at the border were crowded for about two months, the USA kept warning THE INVASION IS COMING, THE INVASION IS COMING, couldn’t you Ukraine have a cordon with anti-tank weapons? That the Russian fooled the West as he wished, fooled the NATO children like kindergarten children, told them ” stay calm, we are moving troops where we want on our territory “, said Dimtri Peskov with a smile in February. And NATO swallowed this lie, but President Biden did not believe it and he was absolutely right. Even Russia’s MEDIAFAX spokeswoman announced that Russia was withdrawing

After that, NATO also lied, it became a defensive organization overnight. What were you looking for in Libya then? Here is what a newspaper was writing at the time

When it comes to defending Ukraine, then NATO is defensive, but what about Libya? Is Libya NATO territory?

A crazy killer named Putin and another killer named Peskov kill children and women, the Russians fire rockets into blocks. The Ukrainian army does not stop the action but sings hymns to Bayraktar, it is exceeded especially in terms of cerebellum, cortex, brain, but what are you NATO doing? Does Russia represent the world? If you kill criminals, will this become a world war? Shouldn’t what Russia has demanded from Ukraine be demanded of Russia, namely demilitarization?

Russia must be demilitarized. The atrocities committed by the Russians, the live performances of the scenes from Schindler’s List now in Ukraine lead to the conclusion that we are dealing with the Fourth Reich, the new swastika is now Z. It’s just that Hitler’s defeat was possible because the generals since then they have not stopped commenting on Hitler’s atrocities but have defeated him without calling him a “world war,” nor has it actually been a world war.

A Russian soldier broke into a house in Mariupol this morning where there was a family: a lame father, a child and a mother. Under the mother’s eyes, the Russian shot the father in the wheelchair in the head, raped his mother under the eyes of the child and then shot the child in the head and hit the mother in the head to faint, I give you a link herewhich confirms these events is not the first. This is in fact the behavior of the Russian enlisted in general, a beast with which the world did business, a beast from which Europe bought iron, gas and oil. Did Putin order this soldier to do such a thing? Not. But his flag, the Z sign, inoculated them with this: that they are above the law, they are above the rules of law, outside of Natural Law. NATO has great respect for this Russian who shot an invalid killing him in front of his wife and child, NATO could kill this Russian, the Ukrainian, no. The Ukrainian was in a wheelchair shot dead. There’s something else. The ship that machine-gunned 15 isolated police officers on Snake Island, the Russian ship, was on NATO territory. She entered the territorial waters of Romania so that she could shoot on the slope, otherwise she could not aim. Was it sunk by NATO? Not.

NATO has been able to fire missiles well into Serbia, which was not NATO territory, a humanitarian cause said the then NATO president. NATO then announced, through Secretary-General Javier Solana, that it was ready to intervene if nothing was done to end the conflict. NATO launched a campaign to bomb Yugoslavia on March 24, 1999, without a clear mandate from the UN Security Council. The campaign was launched after Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, who had been detained in The Hague since then, refused to sign a peace deal that would end clashes between the Yugoslav army and Kosovo Albanian rebels seeking independence.

Russia has received a green light from NATO to do what it wants. NATO officials are liars when they say that this organization is purely defensive. Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya are not NATO territories, and yet NATO has intervened. Thousands killed in Ukraine, a general massacre because the Ukrainians wanted to join NATO and the killer Putin said no. Ukraine, a country that has never attacked anyone in its history, suddenly becomes a danger to the Kremlin’s garbage vision and is being asked to demilitarize. But it’s not about demilitarization, the Kremlin trash is laughing at Ukraine, the cities are turning to ashes, he’s the Nazi.

Do you know what the problem was with the cops on the Island of the SNAKE? That they were guarding an empty rock. They were asked to surrender. Who? Their only problem was their citizenship, they were Ukrainians, that’s why they died because they were Ukrainians, and this disgusting murderer screams that Ukrainians are Nazis. Russia has come to threaten with a nuclear weapon a whole world that does not obey it. Russia must be urgently demilitarized, it has proved to be a danger to all mankind. It will take other generations of Russians to prove otherwise. The current generation has not overthrown its dictatorial regime but is pleased with it, which is why Russia must be completely demilitarized, otherwise it will subjugate the world.

We return to the real example with the Russian, the Russian soldier who killed the invalid, raped his wife and killed the child. This sadism lies in every Russian soldier. There are soldiers who have passed the civilian tank over the old men. Gentlemen of the Pentagon, of NATO: Do you want such a destiny for Romania, for Europe? It seems that Viktor Orban is nostalgic for such a thing, he has great appreciation for the Russian. But do you, the other presidents and statesmen, have admiration for such people?

There is something you can do now, something simple. You can close the skies of Ukraine, you can even intervene locally and you can put Russia under total embargo. You can save thousands of lives, maybe even millions, lack of reaction means murder.

senior editor – Marius Leontiuc

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