Ukraine: Ukrainian soldiers “rescued” from Azovstal are executed in the field at the entrance to Russia. Kalinigrad Wants Independence From Russia

The so-called rescue of the Azovstal fighters in Mariupol is nothing but a lie from both Russia and Ukraine that cannot accept such defeat. In fact, 300 soldiers are being executed in Russia where their bodies are hidden. Russia invaded Ukraine, occupied southern Ukraine under the pretext of “Nazis,” stole grain, and killed thousands. When the West protested, Russia threatened to bypass “if you don’t let us take over Ukraine, we have a nuclear button.” These heinous crimes of the Russian barbarian people are a solid argument that business with Russia can only be resumed after Russia surrenders its nuclear arsenal and demilitarizes. Any state that does business with Russia does business with a heinous murderer. Unprecedented heinous crimes, the genocide created can not justify the continuation of trade with Russia. Russia has turned into a terrorist state that is conquering territories as in the time of the Roman Empire, threatening that if it is disturbed, the nuclear force will act. This is called terrorism and it is a different kind of world order after disregarding the ruling of the International Court of Justice.

In this context, the highly Europeanized population of Kaliningrad does not feel part of Russia and most citizens want independence and its declaration as the Republic of Kaliningrad. It is a new but difficult challenge. One question remains: after all the genocide created by Russia, the penetration of the Russian military with their crimes on the territory of Ukraine, how does Lithuania allow the transit of Russian trains?


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